Friday, August 31, 2012

Cape wars

Just thought of sharing these...


Since I was in a hurry, it hasn't come out well. For mine I used a thicker tool underneath the clay and the thinner one on the top. After rubbing once, I changed the position of the tool on top over to the other side and repeated the same. The trick is to avoid rubbing all the way down. You will get a gradual "V" shape.


Here's another technique I used to crease the cape at the neck of Batman.




Hope this helps those looking for a cape sculpt tutorial.

I do have an untested idea though:

After reading Edouard Lanteri's books I came upon this idea.
Step 1: Make a duplicate of your statue so that you don't soil your work and apply some spray so that things do not stick

Step 2: Take any cloth (soft ones I guess) and lay out your drapery/cape in the style that you wish.

Step 3: Gently start spraying diluted plaster of paris on to the cloth so that it holds the pose/fold/pleats.

Step 4: Once dry you can: overlay it with wax or other medium/reinforce it by coating it with some kind of bonding agent or glue/mould it and take a cast.

Step 5: Fix it to your original work

Please do let me know if you have been able to try this out. I have no access/knowledge of moulding, wax modelling, resin casting, etc

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