Thursday, August 30, 2012

Batman updates - statue modelling is OVER!

Now that the henchmen are done... on to Batman's fingers:

 photo bat_fingers_rig01.jpg

 photo bat_fingers_rig.jpg

 photo bat_fingers_clay02.jpg

 photo bat_fingers_clay01.jpg

If you are curious about the Bat Logo... I drew it out and used the cutout as a stencil :)

 photo bat_stencil.jpg

Edna says "no capes".... Challenge accepted :D

 photo bat_cape01.jpg

 photo bat_cape02.jpg

 photo bat_cape03.jpg

 photo bat_cape05.jpg

 photo bat_cape06.jpg

 photo bat_cape07.jpg

 photo bat_cape08.jpg

And finally... the main attraction... Baked n' Assembled :)

 photo modelling_fin01.jpg

 photo modelling_fin02.jpg

 photo modelling_fin03.jpg

 photo modelling_fin04.jpg

 photo modelling_fin05.jpg

 photo modelling_fin06.jpg

 photo modelling_fin07.jpg

Now I've got to search for a way to get this all painted and set up a decent base for this diorama. Hope you like it. God bless you.